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For the little story…
Originating in the North for Philippe and Cantal for Nicole and after having lived in the Lille metropolis, we made the choice to come and live in November 2018, in the Boulonnaise countryside.
Having had a crush on this old farmhouse square dating from 1871 and its space, we decided to settle there as well as our professional activities. Nicole, plastic engraver installed her engraving workshop there where she animates workshops around the print.
A second house on the domain, renovated and old barn, made us want to transform it into a gîte. This is how Le Logis was born.
The Hauterive area includes our house, the “Logis” gîte and 3 hectares of land, with a wood, a meadow and a stream, the Petit Crocq. A small part of the meadow has been transformed into a vegetable garden where we try our hand at permaculture.

We want to offer you more than just a rental, but make you discover a way of life.
Nature here, offers a great diversity of landscapes and environments. You can slowly soak it up and spend the day in armchairs or lounge chairs, or explore them with backpacks, bikes or cars: we will show you the best spots.

In our campaign, we live with the seasons and the weather. We enthusiastically grow vegetables and aromatic plants, trying to draw inspiration from the principles of permaculture: encourage natural biodiversity, lose nothing and let nature take its course …
Sensitive to the concept of environmental protection, and on our very small scale, we opt for an approach which tends to be as ecological as possible, in our everyday life and for the reception of our guests.
We are very committed to offering our guests a healthy and natural environment, ecologically responsible, so that they can enjoy a pleasant stay. Details HERE